MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019




ROOM 119, 9:30 A.M.



I.            CALL TO ORDER

          II.       MINUTES

          A.  Board of County Commissioners Meeting of March 11, 2019


          A.  Elected Officials:

               1.  Assessor  

               2.  Court Clerk



          A.  Bid Openings:

               1.  Highways - Sign Delineator Posts, Brackets and Markers


         B.  Bid/Qualification Awards:

               1.  Building Operations - Roof Consultant Services - Deferred

               2.  TC Departments - Restaurant, Kitchen and Concessionary Supplies - to Ben E. Keith


          C.  Addendum #1 - (Election Board) - to the Notice to Bidders for Election Board Storage Building


          D. Addendums #1 - TC Departments:

               1.  to the Notice to Bidders for Chevrolet and GMC Automotive Repair

               2.  to the Notice to Bidders for Deodorizing Agents and Cleaners

               3.  to the Notice to Bidders for Trash Can Liners


          E.  Addendum #2 - (TC Departments) - to the Notice to Bidders for Paperstock for Printing



           A.  Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Quotes


          B.  Resolution on Disposition of Funds/Cash Fund Estimate of Needs


          C.  Request for Approval - (Building Operations) - for Apprentice Licenses for Tim Brachtel and Ryan Schmidt


          D. Request for Approval - (Social Services) - to Accept Donations


          E.  Resolution - (Parks) - for the Distribution of Funds from the Four-to-Fix II Capital Improvements Program for Chandler Park Splash Pad


          F.  Agreements - Parks:

               1.  April Dillahunty - for REFIT Fitness Instruction at South County Recreational Center

               2.  Tiffany Dyer - for Concession Services at O'Brien Park

               3.  Myanmar Christian Church - for Use of Soccer Facilities for Soccer Tournament at Haikey Creek Park

               4.  Push Pedal Pull - for Preventative Maintenance on Exercise Equipment

               5.  Taza Fresh Peel - for Concession Sales of Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls and Fruit Bowls at LaFortune Park

               6.  Emily Wright - for Use of Softball Facilities at Haikey Creek Park for Fundraising Event


           G. Requests to Advertise for Bids/Proposals:

               1.  CC Health - Opioid Prescriber Campaign                

               2.  TC Departments - Lumber and Building Materials

               3.  TC Departments - Paper Products

          Proposal #1 and Bid #3 to be received by 4:00 p.m. on 4/12/19 & to open 4/15/19 at 9:30 a.m.

           Bid #2 to be received by 4:00 p.m. on 4/5/19 & to open 4/8/19 at 9:30 a.m.


           H. Inventory Resolutions:

               1.  Sheriff

               2.  Treasurer


          I.   Sole Sources:

               1.  CC Health - ESi Acquisition, Inc.

               2.  Law Library - West Group (Thomson Reuters)

               3. Parks - Hobart Service

               4.  Parks - Professional Turf Products, LP

               5.  Parks - Regal Chemical Company

                6. Treasurer - MS Modernization Services, Inc.


          J.  Utility Permits - Engineers:

               1.  AT&T

               2.  ONEOK Gas Transportation, LLC - (3)


          K.  Travel/Training:

               1.  Court Services

               2. Highways - (2)  

               3.  IT

               4.  OSU Extension - (8)


           L.  Personnel Actions:

                1. Court Services

               2.  Highways

               3.  Human Resources

               4.  Inspections

               5.  IT

                         6.  Parks


           M. Juvenile Personnel Actions to Accept & File


          N.  CC Health Documents to Accept & File:

                1.  Personnel Actions

                         2.  Travel/Training


                    O. Claims to be Disallowed (payments cancelled as of 3/11-15/19)


                    P.  Claims (payments for bills to be paid 3/4-8/19)


                   Q. Blanket Purchase Orders & Emergency Purchase Orders Submitted from 3/11-15/19


                    R.  Zoning Application Hearing and Possible Action - (Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission) - CZ-482 and PUD-852- Applicant: Tim Terral, Owner: Hollinger Enterprises, LLC, Subject Property Located South of the SW/C of East 161st Street South and South Lewis Ave. The Request is to Rezone Approximately 10 acres from AG to RE to Permit Single Family Subdivision. On Meeting Date of February 6, 2019, the TMAPC Voted 8-0-0 to Recommend that the County Commission Approve Rezoning of 10.0 +/- Acres from AG to RE



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