ROOM 119, 9:30 A.M.



I.            CALL TO ORDER

          II.       PROCLAMATION - (Board of County Commissioners) - Recognizing January 20-26, 2019 as Tulsa County School Choice Week



          A.  Board of County Commissioners Meeting of January 7, 2019


          A.  Elected Officials:

               1.  Assessor

               2.  County Clerk

               3.  Sheriff


          B.  County Department - Election Board


          C. Fiscal Office - Quarterly E-911 Funds



          A.  Bid Openings:

               1.  Sheriff - Hardware Components for the Jail Management System


          B.  Bid Awards:

                      1.  TC Departments - Industrial Hose Assemblies - to AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories, LLC

                         2.  TC Departments - Miscellaneous Electrical Supplies - to Irby Electrical Distributor

                         3.  TC Departments - Vehicle Lubricants and Antifreeze - to Reject Bids


                 C.  Addendum #1 - (Board of County Commissioners) - to the Notice to Bidders for the Tulsa County "HQ" Administration Building Renovations


                    D. Amendment #1 - (Parks) - to Extend the Award for Security Patrol to Praetoria Group, LLC    


     VI.      NEW BUSINESS

          A.  Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Quotes


           B.  Memorandum of Understanding - (Board of County Commissioners) - U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command (MARSOC) - for Planned Training in Tulsa County


          C.  Request for Approval - (Board of County Commissioners) - for Permit Application to the Tulsa Health Department Environmental Health Services Asbestos Permit Section - for Abatement Systems, Inc. to Perform an Asbestos Demolition/Renovation Project at the Tulsa County "HQ" Administration Building


          D. Request for Approval - (Juvenile Bureau) - Request to Purchase Furniture from Oklahoma Correctional Industries to be Placed in the New Family Center for Juvenile Justice with Funds Set Aside in the Construction Budget for FF&E


          E.  Request for Approval - (Parks) - to Accept Donation


          F.  Resolution - (Engineers) - Ordering Approval of Plat for The Ranch Subdivision           


          G. Resolution - (Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission) -Pursuant to Title 19 Oklahoma Statutes, Section 863.7; Amending the City of Tulsa Comprehensive Plan and the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Plan for District 9 by Adopting Berryhill Land Use Plan


          H. Agreements:

                        1.  Board of County Commissioners - Flintco, LLC - for Construction Management Advisor Services for the Tulsa County Headquarters Administration Building

                        2.  Engineers - Public Service Company of Oklahoma - for Utility Relocation at the Intersection of 86th St. N. and Sheridan Rd.

                        3.  Parks - Ruth Kaiser Nelson Family Foundation - for the Naming of Tennis Court #11 at LaFortune Park

                        4.  Sheriff - MGT of America Consulting, LLC - for Consulting Services for Jail Rate Cost Analysis


                    I.   Agreement Renewals:

                        1.  Building Operations - Schneider Electric - (2)

                        2.  Human Resources - United Safety and Claims, Inc.


                   J.  Request to Advertise for Bids:

                        1.  TC Departments - Vehicle Lubricants and Antifreeze

                        Bids to be received by 4:00 p.m. on 2/8/19 & to open on 2/11/19 at 9:30 a.m.


                    K.  Utility Permits - Engineers:

                        1.  Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, a Division of ONEOK, Inc.

                         2.  Washington County RWD #3


                   L.  Travel/Training:

                        1.  Highways

                        2.  OSU Extension - (4)


M. Personnel Actions:

     1. Administrative Services

     2. Board of County Commissioners

     3.  Highways

     4.  Inspections

     5.  IT

     6.  Parks

     7.  Social Services


N.  Juvenile Bureau Personnel Actions to Accept & File


          O. CC Health Documents to Accept & File:

               1. Agreements:

                    a.  General Financial Services, Inc.

                    b.  Board of Regents University of Oklahoma

                    c.  Heluna Health

                         2.  Personnel Actions

                         3.  Travel/Training


          P.  Drainage District #12 Personnel Actions to Accept & File


Q. Claims to be Disallowed (payments cancelled as of 1/7-11/19)


                    R.  Claims (payments for bills to be paid 12/31/18-1/4/19)


                    S.  Blanket Purchase Orders & Emergency Purchase Orders Submitted from 1/7-11/19


           VII.    ANNOUNCEMENTS

County Events and Status Updates for Comment and Discussion from: Administrative Services, Building Operations, Court Services, Election Board, Fiscal Officer, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks, Purchasing, Social Services, Engineering, Highways, Inspections,

Sheriff, Assessor, County Clerk, Court Clerk, Treasurer, District Attorney, Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice, Expo Square, INCOG, Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency, OSU Extension, CC Library, CC Health Department, River Parks Authority, Board of County Commissioners Chief Deputies, Director of Governmental Affairs