ROOM 119, 8:30 A.M.




I.            CALL TO ORDER


County Events and Status Updates for Comment and Discussion from: Administrative Services, Building Operations, Court Services, Election Board, Fiscal Officer, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks, Purchasing, Social Services, Engineering, Highways, Inspections,

Sheriff, Assessor, County Clerk, Court Clerk, Treasurer, District Attorney, Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice, Expo Square, INCOG, Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency, OSU Extension, CC Library, CC Health Department, River Parks Authority, Board of County Commissioners Chief Deputies, Director of Governmental Affairs


          III.      MINUTES

          A.  Board of County Commissioners Meeting of January 14, 2019


          A.  Elected Officials:

               1.  Court Clerk

               2.  Treasurer



          A.  Bid Award - (Sheriff) - Hardware Components for the Jail Management System - to Black Creek Integrated Systems Corp.


                    B.  Addendum #2 - (Board of County Commissioners) - to the Notice to Bidders for the Tulsa County "HQ" Administration Building Renovations


                    C.  Amendment #1 - (TC Departments) - to the Award for Agricultural

Supplies to Helena Agri-Enterprises, Simplot Partners, and Winfield Solutions


     VI.      NEW BUSINESS

          A.  Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Quotes


           B.  Resolution on Disposition of Funds/Cash Fund Estimate of Needs


          C.  Appointment - (Commissioner Keith) - of John Smaligo to the Tulsa County Home Finance Authority


          D.  Request for Approval - (Juvenile Bureau) - for Scheduling Form for Petroleum Storage Tank Systems Removal by Down to Earth, Inc., to be Filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission Petroleum Storage Tank Division


           E.  Request for Approval - (Social Services) - to Accept Donations        


          F.  Resolution - (Board of County Commissioners) - Consider and Approve an Amended and Restated Resolution Levying and Imposing a Use Tax in Tulsa County on the Storage, Use or Other Consumption of Tangible Personal Property Used, Stored or Consumed Within Tulsa County


           G.  Agreements:

                        1.  Assessor - Home Builders Association of Greater Tulsa, Inc. - for Exhibit Space at the 2019 Greater Tulsa Home and Garden Show from 3/7-10/19

                        2.  Board of County Commissioners - Empire Elevators, LLC - for Modernization of Freight Elevator in TC HQ Administration Building

                        3.  Board of County Commissioners - INCOG - for REAP Transportation Project 2019 Funding

                        4.  Building Operations - DLSS Systems, LLC - for Fire System Reprogram - (2)

                        5.  INCOG - City of Sapulpa - for Dewey Avenue (Route 66) and Park Street Drainage Improvements

                        6.  Parks - Liga Dominical Hispana De Soccer, Inc. - for use of Haikey Creek Park Soccer Fields

                        7.  Parks - Sanjay Meshri Trust - for Naming of Tennis Court #16 at LaFortune Park

                        8.  Social Services - Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma - to Seek and Develop Food and Grocery Related Product Donations

                        9.  Treasurer - RP Solutions, Inc. - for Transaction Processing Services


                    H.  Agreement Renewal - (Sheriff) - Sand Springs Police Department


                    I.   Request for Approval - (Board of County Commissioners) - of Notice to Proceed to Empire Elevators, LLC, for Modernization of Freight Elevator in TC HQ Administration Building


                    J.  Inventory Resolution - Juvenile Bureau


                   K.  Travel/Training - Highways


L.  Personnel Actions:

     1. Administrative Services

                         2. Building Operations

     3.  Court Services

     4.  Highways

     5.  Parks


M. Juvenile Bureau Personnel Actions to Accept & File


          N. CC Health Documents to Accept & File:

               1. Agreements:

                    a.  Roof Consultants

                    b.  AHS Oklahoma Health System, LLP                        

                         2.  Personnel Actions

                         3.  Travel/Training


O.  Claims to be Disallowed (payments cancelled as of 1/14-18/19)


                    P.  Claims (payments for bills to be paid 1/7-11/19)


                    Q.  Blanket Purchase Orders & Emergency Purchase Orders Submitted from 1/14-18/19


                    R.  Executive Session - (District Attorney) - Requested by Douglas Wilson, Pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307(B)(4), I am requesting this matter be discussed in Executive Session between the Board and its attorney for the purpose of confidential communications concerning a pending claim, to-wit: King v. BOCC, et al., Case No. CJ-2018-3245, in the Tulsa County District Court, disclosure of the details of which its attorney advises would seriously impair the ability of the Board to proceed in the public interest


                    S.  Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Executive Session Item