ROOM 119, 9:30 A.M.




I.            CALL TO ORDER



County Events and Status Updates for Comment and Discussion from: Administrative Services, Building Operations, Court Services, Election Board, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks, Purchasing, Social Services, Engineering, Highways, Inspections, Sheriff, Assessor, County Clerk, Court Clerk, Treasurer, District Attorney, Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice, Expo Square, INCOG, Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency, OSU Extension, CC Library, CC Health Department, River Parks Authority, Board of County Commissioners Chief Deputies, Director of Governmental Affairs


          IV.      PROCLAMATIONS - Board of County Commissioners:

                    A.  Commitment to Partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau for 2020 Census Complete Count


                    B.  Recognizing April 1-7, 2019 as Tulsa County Public Health Week


          V.       MINUTES

          A.  Board of County Commissioners Meeting of March 25, 2019


          A.  Bid Openings:

               1.  Building Operations and Sheriff - Air Handler Filters

               2.  Highways - One (1) Multi-Purpose Excavator


         B.  Bid/Qualification Awards:

               1.  Administrative Services - Sale of Two (2) Used Printing Presses - to Reject Bid Received

               2.  Building Operations - Roof Consultant Services - to Conley Group

               3.  Election Board - Election Board Storage Building - to Southeast Tulsa Construction, Inc., in the total amount of $114,477.31, which includes the base bid and no awarded alternates

               4.  TC Departments - Chevrolet and GMC Automotive Repair - to Reject Bid Received and Re-Advertise

               5.  TC Departments - Commercial Flat Glass - Deferred

               6.  TC Departments - Deodorizing Agents and Cleaners - to Advanced Industrial Solutions

               7.  TC Departments - Paperstock for Printing - to Midland Paper Company and Veritiv Operating Company

               8.  TC Departments - Trash Can Liners - to Advanced Industrial Solutions


          C.  Addendums #1 - CC Health:

               1.  to the Notice to Proposers for Environmental Health Database System Software

               2.  to the Notice to Proposers for Health Record Management System

               3.  to the Notice to Proposers for Video Photo Suite Media Services

               4.  to the Notice to Bidders for Tulsa City County Health Department Roof Replacement


          D. Addendum #1 - (Sheriff) - to the Agreement with Stanfield & O'Dell, P.C., for Auditing Services and Procedures Related to TCSO's Compliance with the Department of Treasury Equitable Sharing Program


          E.  Addendum #1 - (TC Departments) - to the Notice to Bidders for Clinical Supplies


          F.  Amendment #1 - (Juvenile Bureau) - to the Agreement with Sack & Associates, Inc., for Topographic Surveying Services for the Parking Lot at the Family Center for Juvenile Justice


          G. Amendment #2 - (TC Departments) - to the Award for Clinical Supplies to Moore Medical, for Name Change to McKesson Medical-Surgical Government Solutions, LLC


          H. Change Order #1 - (Board of County Commissioners) - to the Agreement with A.C. Owen Construction, LLC, for Tulsa County Maintenance Buildings, Districts #1 and #3


          I.   Change Order #7 - (Board of County Commissioners) - to the Agreement with Crossland Construction Company, Inc., for the Construction of the Family Center for Juvenile Justice



           A.  Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Quotes


          B.  Memorandum of Understanding - (County Clerk) - Crawford & Associates, P.C.


          C.  Request for Approval - (Board of County Commissioners) - for Permittee Construction Schedule to the Department of the Army Corps of Engineers     


           D. Request for Approval - (District Attorney) - Authorization for Signature Card Changes


          E. Request for Approval  - (Treasurer) - Authorization for Signature Card Changes


          F.  Resolution - (Drainage District #12) - Directing Drainage Commissioner to View Drains and Levee and Make Estimate of Money Necessary to Repair and Maintain Improvements for the FY 2019-2020


          G. Agreement - (Parks) - Amber Fitzgerald dba Tinkergarten Instructor - for Tinkergarten Nature Play Classes at Haikey Creek Park


          H. Agreement Renewals:

               1.  Board of County Commissioners - Atkinson, Haskins, Nellis, Brittingham, Gladd & Fiasco

               2.  Board of County Commissioners - Schaffer Herring, P.L.L.C.

               3.  Building Operations - York Electronic Systems

               4.  Employees' Retirement System of Tulsa County - BOKF, NA


           I.   Requests to Advertise for Bids:

               1.  Sheriff - Janitorial Supplies    

               2.  TC Departments - Chevrolet and GMC Automotive Repair

               3.  TC Departments - Safety Supplies              

          Bids #1 & #3 to be received by 4:00 p.m. on 4/26/19 & to open 4/29/19 at 9:30 a.m.

          Bid #2 to be received by 4:00 p.m. on 4/18/19 & to open 4/22/19 at 9:30 a.m.


           J.  Inventory Resolutions - (Sheriff) - (3)


                   K.  Sole Sources:

               1.  Building Operations - Schneider Electric

               2.  Parks - Municipal Industries, Inc.

               3.  Sheriff - Axon Enterprise, Inc.

               4.  Sheriff - M&M Micro Systems, Inc.

               5.  Social Services - Computer Rx-Pharmacy Software


          L.  Utility Permits - Engineers:

               1.  Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, a Division of ONEOK, Inc.

               2.  City of Sand Springs


           M. Travel/Training - Highways


           N.  Personnel Actions:

                1. Election Board

               2.  Highways

               3.  Parks


           O. CC Health Documents to Accept & File:

                1.  Personnel Actions

                         2.  Travel/Training


                    P. Claims to be Disallowed (payments cancelled as of 3/25-29/19)


                    Q. Claims (payments for bills to be paid 3/18-22/19)


                   R.  Blanket Purchase Orders & Emergency Purchase Orders Submitted from 3/25-29/19


                    S.  Executive Session - (District Attorney) - Requested by Douglas Wilson, Pursuant to 25 O.S. § 307(B)(4), I am requesting on behalf of Mr. Gibbs that this matter be discussed in Executive Session between the Board and its attorney, the firm of Gibbs Armstrong Borochoff, P.C., for the purpose of confidential communications concerning possible official action regarding a pending claim, to-wit: Board of County Commissioners of Tulsa County v. Purdue Pharma, L.P. et al, Case No. CJ-2019-1116 pending the Tulsa County District Court, disclosure of the details of which its attorney advises would seriously impair the ability of the Board to proceed in the public interest


                    T.  Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Executive Session Item