MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2019




ROOM 119, 9:30 A.M.




I.            CALL TO ORDER

II.          PROCLAMATION - (Board of County Commissioners) - Recognizing March 25, 2019 as Jon Southard Day in Tulsa County



A. Board of County Commissioners Meeting of March 18, 2019


A. Elected Official - Treasurer



A. Bid Openings:

1. Administrative Services - Sale of Two (2) Used Printing Presses

2. Election Board - Election Board Storage Building

3. TC Departments - Chevrolet and GMC Automotive Repair

4. TC Departments - Commercial Flat Glass

5. TC Departments - Deodorizing Agents and Cleaners

6. TC Departments - Paperstock for Printing

7. TC Departments - Trash Can Liners


B. Bid/Qualification Awards:

1. Building Operations - Roof Consultant Services - Deferred

2. Highways - Sign Delineator Posts, Brackets and Markers - to Xcessories Squared Development and Mfg., Inc.


C. Addendum #1 - (Building Operations and Sheriff) - to the Notice to Bidders for Air Handler Filters


D. Addendum #7 - (Assessor) - to the Agreement with Harris Systems USA, Inc.


E. Amendments #1 - CC Health:

1. to the Request for Proposals for Environmental Health Database System Software

2. to the Request for Proposals for Health Record Management System


F. Change Order #5 - (Parks) - to the Agreement with Magnum Construction, Inc., for Chandler Park Water Play Area



A. Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Quotes


B. Documents for Sale of County Property - Treasurer:

1. Parcel #26750-94-04-00770, LT 7 BLK 2, MEADOWBROOK HGTS ADDN

2. Parcel #29775-02-26-05290, PRT LT 9 BEG SWC TH ON CRV RT 30 SE TO PT ON SL TH SW8.5 NW130 POB BLK 11, OAK CLIFF ADDN


C. Request for Approval - (Board of County Commissioners) - to Provide Flintco, LLC Authorization to Issue Notices to Proceed to the Various Awarded Vendors for the Tulsa County HQ Administration Building Renovations


D. Resolution - (Drainage District #12) - to Strike Assessment from 2018 Tax Roll


E. Resolution - (Treasurer) - to Remove American Bank of Oklahoma from List of Designated Depositories


F. Agreements:

1. Building Operations - Trane - for Maintenance on Chiller Equipment for the Tulsa County Headquarters Building

2. Highways - ImageNet Consulting, LLC - for Copier Equipment Lease

3. Parks - ODA Soccer Club - for Use of Haikey Creek Park Soccer Fields for Soccer League Events

4. Parks - Jennifer Teegarden - for Self-Defense and Cheerleading Classes at Bixby Community Center

5. Sheriff - Axon Enterprise, Inc. - for Body Worn Cameras, Data Storage and Accessories

6. Sheriff - Tulsa Public Schools - for Educational Services to Qualified Residential Students Placed in the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center


G. Request to Advertise for Bids:

1. Board of County Commissioners - Tulsa County HQ Administration Building Renovations

Bids to be received by 4:00 p.m. on 5/3/19 & to open 5/6/19 at 9:30 a.m.


H. Inventory Resolutions:

1. Building Operations

2. Election Board

3. Sheriff - (2)


I. Utility Permit - (Engineers) - Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, a Division of ONEOK, Inc.

J. Travel/Training - (Human Resources) - (2)

K. Personnel Actions:

1. Board of County Commissioners

2. Building Operations

3. Human Resources

4. Inspections

5. Parks

6. Social Services


L. Juvenile Personnel Actions to Accept & File


M. CC Health Documents to Accept & File:

1. Agreements:

a. Teledyne Tekmar

b. Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

c. Oklahoma Construction Industries Board

d. PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc.

2. Travel/Training

N. Claims to be Disallowed (payments cancelled as of 3/18-22/19)


O. Claims (payments for bills to be paid 3/11-15/19)


P. Blanket Purchase Orders & Emergency Purchase Orders Submitted from 3/18-22/19



County Events and Status Updates for Comment and Discussion from: Administrative Services, Building Operations, Court Services, Election Board, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks, Purchasing, Social Services, Engineering, Highways, Inspections, Sheriff, Assessor, County Clerk, Court Clerk, Treasurer, District Attorney, Presiding Judge, Juvenile Justice, Expo Square, INCOG, Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency, OSU Extension, CC Library, CC Health Department, River Parks Authority, Board of County Commissioners Chief Deputies, Director of Governmental Affairs