Job Descriptions

Poll Workers are required to be registered voters in Tulsa County. Workers are required to attend a one-day training class prior to working at a poll. Poll Workers are required to staff the polls from 6:30 am- 7:30 pm.

The three positions at the poll are Inspector, Judge, and Clerk.


  • Picks up supplies and ballots from the Election Board office the day before the election and takes supplies and ballots to the poll on election day. Opens the poll.
  • Assists voters during election day and ensures ballots are processed correctly through the voting device.
  • Returns supplies, ballots and voting device on election night to the Election Board office.
  • Inspectors are paid $110 per election plus mileage.


  • Greets voters, verifies voter identification and locates voters’ names on the Precinct Registry..
  • Processes voters during election day and communicates with Clerk to ensure voters are issued the correct ballots.
  • Judges are paid $100 per election. Mileage is paid if 20 miles or more is traveled round-trip.


  • Issues the appropriate ballots to voters.
  • Directs voters to voting booths and voting device.
  • Clerks are paid $100 per election. Mileage is paid if 20 miles or more is traveled round-trip.



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 Omnilert Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I no longer receive a card in the mail?
A. As of January 2019, we now use a mass communication system called Omnilert to contact precinct officials. We primarily contact them using text messaging and phone calls.

Text Messaging
Q. How do I know what text messages are from the Tulsa County Election Board?
A. Every text sent from the Tulsa County Election Board will have ‘Election Board’ at the very top of the text message.
Q. I responded to a message with “Yes” and I got a strange message from Omnilert. What does that mean?
A. Any text message that contains ONLY the word “Yes” will not be received by the Election Board. Instead simply text “Y”, “1”, or a full sentence like “Yes I am able” or “Yes I can”. Those messages will be received by the Tulsa County Election Board.
The reason is “Yes” is reserved by the mass communication company Omnilert. So any message that is simply the word “Yes” is automatically sent to Omnilert not the Tulsa County Election Board. If this happens you will get an automated response from Omnilert that states, “Welcome! Text STOP to cancel. Text HELP for help. Msg & data rates may apply.” If you get this message send “Y” or “1” or a full sentence.
Q. Why haven’t I gotten a response to a text I sent?
A. We will only respond to your text messages during normal business hours which are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
If you send us a text before 8am or after 5pm we may not see it until the next morning. Likewise, if you send a message on the weekend we will not reply until the following Monday. There are rare circumstances when we are able to answer on a Saturday when our office is open for early voting.
Q. I replied to a text saying I am working/ I am not working and why haven’t I received a response from the Election Board?
A. Prior to an election if you have opted into text messaging we will send you a text asking if you are available to work the upcoming election. You usually will not receive any response back due to the large number of calls and text messages we are receiving during that time. Though the week before an election we send out a reminder text message.
Q. Why did I get a phone call and a text message at the same time?
A. If you have opted in to text messaging, the phone messages we send will also be the similar to or the same as the text messages we send at the same time. If you respond to the phone call or the text message we only need a response from one of those methods. It is not necessary to both text and call us back to respond to the same message

Phone Calls
Q. I received a call asking if I was working and I responded, but the message repeated itself. How do I know if it received my response? Or I responded and heard nothing back.
A. Prior to an election we send a phone call to all listed phone numbers. The phone call we send is an automated recorded message. Usually the message will ask you to press 1 or 2 during the call. This response is recorded and reported back to us. The message will not change and will not state anything other than what is recorded. After we send a phone call if we got a response from you we will not send any other messages until the week before an election (unless you are an inspector then you can expect more phone calls).
Q. I missed a phone call from you. What do I do?
A. If you miss a call from us and have voicemail please listen to the voicemail first. If we are calling individually or if it is an automated call we will ALWAYS leave a message if possible. That will explain who was calling and why and will prevent confusion. We have over a 1,000 people that we are constantly contacting so please be patient.
Q. I responded to the voicemail message. Why did the Election Board not get my response?
A. If you are listening to your voicemail and a message is asking you to press a number to reply that report will NOT get back to us because it is not a live call. It is essentially a recording of the message we sent you. It would be like talking to the television and expecting the person on the television to hear you. In this case please call us back as soon as possible.
Q. Why did you call my home phone and my cell phone at the same time? Or why did you call my home phone, my cell phone, and send a text message at the same time?
A. If you have multiple phone numbers (i.e. a home phone and cell phone) our mass communication system will call all of the phone numbers listed at the same time. We do this because of how the system works and because there is a better chance of reaching you if we call all the numbers we have listed for you. For the same reason we also send a text message. This is for your convenience.
Q. My husband and I share a cell phone. When you send us a message it doesn’t have our names in it. How do I know who the message was for?
A. If you and another poll worker (i.e. husband and wife) share a phone number or multiple phone numbers it can sometimes be hard to determine which call is for who. Feel free to give us a call and we will discuss your situation in more detail.
Q. Will you replace me if I do not respond to the first phone call?
A. Prior to an election we will always continue to contact you until we have received a response from you. If you are not sure if you have responded feel free to contact us. If you are permanently assigned somewhere, we will not place a substitute in your position until we have contacted you and confirmed if you are working that election. With that in mind, if you receive a message asking you to confirm if you are working please respond within 72 hours.
Again, if you have a missed call from us please listen to the voicemail before returning our call. Sometimes if you listen to the voicemail you will not need return the call.
Q. Why am I not getting text messages or phone calls from the Election Board?
A. One instance is the we could have the wrong phone number for you. It could have been entered wrong in the system or your number has changed since the last time you filled out paperwork. You may need to call us to confirm that we have the correct phone number for you.
Another instance is if your precinct is not in that election then we will not send you a message. Or you are a substitute precinct official and we contact you individually to place you.
Additionally, it could be that we simply have not sent out messages to you yet. For larger elections we send out messages in groups over several days. We do this to be thorough and because we are contacting such a large number of people at the same time. We want to be sure that we are able to handle the number calls and texts we will get in response to a message. Your patience is appreciated.
If you have any question or concerns about mass communication phone calls please contact Ashley Hackett.