Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice

Phoenix Rising Alternative School

The Phoenix Rising (PR) program serves students in Tulsa County who are involved with or are at high risk for involvement with the juvenile justice system – we are an alternative school serving grades 7–12. Typically, PR students have not experienced great success in traditional public school settings and find PR to be a restorative pathway for their educational and life journey. PR is a partnership between the Tulsa County Family Justice Center (TCFJC) and Tulsa Public Schools (TPS). Sixty students actively enrolled is our ideal capacity. The student may stay enrolled at PR as long as it is in the best interests of the student, program, and family. Our program is a fully voluntary resource for our community to utilize and has a waiting list hovering around 50 applicants at all times – we are not a disciplinary academy, nor may a student be forced to attend our program against their will.

PR seeks out innovative and student driven electives, internship and enrichment opportunities for youth to experience on campus and more importantly in the community (see our community partners list for examples of internship and elective opportunities). Phoenix Rising utilizes the Big Picture Learning Model, investing in individualized learning plans, learning styles and best practice teaching strategies that are supported by peer-reviewed research studies across the world. Big Picture Learning guides the academic portion of PR and students have many opportunities to shape their learning experience to better fit their learning style.

The primary goal of Phoenix Rising is to reach each student/family through reliable and positive relationships developed over time with our team – creating a safe environment for students to experience successes in her or his educational career and to become invested members of our community.

Our program stands strongly behind the belief that suspending youth for inappropriate behavior is the least therapeutic reaction a system can act upon & we strive to have zero suspensions at the end of every school year.

Data Snapshot 2014-2015 School Year  

Total Students Served- 112

Demographics Race/Ethnicity
  • Male- 71
  • Female- 41
  • Age Range 12-20
  • African American 46%
  • Caucasian- 21%
  • Amer. Indian - 16%
  • Hispanic- 9%
  • Other- 8%
Average Daily Attendance (ADA) Youth With Children
  • ADA 1st quarter 80.53%
  • ADA 2nd quarter 72.26%
  • ADA 3rd quarter 68.73%
  • ADA 4th quarter 70.59%
  • ADA total All year 74.15%
  • 13% of students have one child
  • 4% have more than one child
Juvenile Systems Involvement Recidivism
  • 54% TCJB
  • 24% DHS and/or Dually-Adjudicated
  • 18% OJA or DOC
  • 74% No new referrals to TCJB during
    their time at PR or after leaving PR
    through May 2015
  • 26% At least one new referral to TCJB
    during their time at PR or after leaving PR
    through May 2015
  • 1 (less than 1%)
Socio-Economic Realities Academics
  • 98% Free/Reduced Lunch
  • 74% Experienced homelessness at least one time in their life
  • 39% Experienced homelessness during school year
  • 4 students graduated & earned their High
    School Diploma
  • 12 students passed state mandated End of
    Instruction Exams
  • 3 students passed two or more End of
    Instruction exams
  • 22% of students involved in a
    community-based internship at 20 different sites
Students Maintaining Internships Students Obtaining Employment
  • Internships: 25
  • Number of Internship sites: 20
  • 48 students obtained employment while attending PR
  • This was 1st time employment for 80 % of the students