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 Human Resources Information Specialist
Location: 633 W. 3rd St. Tulsa OK 74127
Openings: 1
Job Definition: Under general direction, responsible for administration, liaison and coordination of human resources information systems projects in meeting all professional standards for human resources systems development and implementation by performing the following duties.
Job Grade: 70
Description: • Develop a formal plan for carrying out each assigned project using appropriate planning methods and experimental design and testing. • Direct and execute assigned projects, including data collection/design and development specifications/testing criteria/recommendations and implementations. • Make oral presentations to all levels of management concerning proposed projects and make recommendations for the proposed project. • Meet with all levels of management to discuss and clarify requests for projects made by management concerning human resources systems. • Prepare detailed written reports of project and documentation for each project to serve both technical and general users. • Develop and implement comprehensive computer systems for human resources related data. • Develop reports to meet management requests and needs for human resources related information to various levels of the organization. • Coordinate, maintain and enhance human resources systems in conjunction with the user areas and information systems. • Provide support and consulting services to users of human resources systems to include report writing and data analysis. • Prepare and maintain documentation of human resources information systems. • Ensure systems and processes are in place to deliver management information in a timely manner to support the work of the department and the County. • Provide data and analysis in response to requests from management. • Develop and maintain an understanding of human resources systems data and processes. • Prepare and present analysis of strategic data for meetings as required. • Administer and maintain applicant tracking, on-boarding and FMLA software.. • Perform other duties as assigned.
Required Skills: Skill in operating a computer; in data and systems management; in analyzing human resources data; in preparing detailed written reports; in presenting facts and opinions clearly and concisely; in project management; in data collection; in record keeping; and in Internet software, onboarding software, applicant tracking software, FMLA software, spreadsheet software and word processing software. Knowledge of human resources systems; of data analysis; of human resources principles and practices; of administrative policies, personnel files and federal guidelines; and of departmental policies and procedures. Ability to analyze and perform tasks of a technical nature; to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others; to meet and communicate with employees and the general public in a cordial and tactful manner; to organize and present facts and opinions clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing; to research and analyze personnel data; to work with a diverse group of individuals; to work independently with others in a wide variety of circumstances; to work with data of varied types; to meet deadlines and schedules; to maintain confidentiality; and to work with detailed information/data.
Education / Experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Information Systems, Computer Science or a related field; and over three years satisfactory full time paid employment in Human Resources Systems Administration, Business Information Systems, Information Technology or a related field; or equivalent combination of education and experience, substituting one additional year of full time paid employment for one year of the required education, with a maximum substitution of two years.
Licenses/Certificates: PHR certification preferred
Salary Range: Ranges from $3956.50 to $4549.98 per mo
Work Schedule: Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm
Tulsa County Benefits: Benefit Summary

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