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 Court Services Officer II - Courthouse/EMP
Location: 500 South Denver, Tulsa, OK
Openings: 1
Job Definition: Under direction and within the scope of department policies and guidelines, assists in the court services programs by performing the following duties.
Job Grade: 60
Description: Reviews new prisoner print out. Interviews clients, collects client data, assesses the data and determines the client's eligibility for programs. Documents criminal records and references. Compiles data for client file. Must confirm reference information about defendants. Acts as a liaison between the District Attorney's Office, Judge/Court, and the client. Submits client's files with recommendations to the Court for action. Coordinates and verifies the client's release from custody and court appearance dates and times. Prepares client reports. Notifies supervisor of violations of the Court Services Programs. May attend court hearings. May "book" clients and/or locate clients. May attend Court with client for the proceedings. Collects and compiles data on and about the defendant and notifies the Court of the compliance or non-compliance of rules and conditions. May install and monitor electronic monitoring equipment on defendants per the Court. May be asked to monitor and respond to monitoring violations and may be subject to an on-call status. May collect client urinalysis samples. Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Skills: Skill in assessing and evaluating individuals, in eliciting pertinent personal information; and in interpreting criminal records. Knowledge of the principles and practices of pre-trial release programs; of city/county/state/federal codes and regulations pertaining to criminal codes and court services; and of departmental policies and procedures. Ability to use a personal computer; to deal tactfully with others; and to express facts and opinions clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.
Education / Experience: Associate's degree in Criminal Justice or a related field; and 2 year of satisfactory full-time paid employment in a criminal justice position or a closely related field.
Licenses/Certificates: Valid Oklahoma Driver's License;Law Enforcement Cleet Certification
Salary Range: $2,829.10 per month
Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm; Will have weekend and evening on call responsibilities.
Tulsa County Benefits: Benefit Summary

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