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 Highway Crewman II - Highway Construction
Location: 6601 North 115th East Avenue, Owasso, OK
Openings: 2
Job Definition: Under general supervision, operates various small motorized equipment for road construction and maintenance. Assists in laying pipe, shoveling and other manual labor by performing the following duties.
Job Grade: B
Description: Operates various motorized equipment for road construction and maintenance such as tractor mower, single and tandem axle trucks, sand spreaders, wench truck, fuel truck, tractor - box blade, portable steelwheel roller. May train on the crack sealing machine and distributor. Hauls equipment, workers and material for road work. May perform minor repairs in field to equipment. Picks up and delivers material for road work such as sand, gravel, asphalt. Performs manual labor on a construction or maintenance crew such as flagging traffic, shoveling asphalt and stone, rakes hot asphalt, digging ditches and holes, loading or unloading materials and supplies. Collects and removes highway trash. Cuts and cleans grass and other vegetation from roadways. May perform minor maintenance duties on highway structures or grounds. May assist in manual task in the maintenance of equipment such as cleaning equipment, checking gasoline or oil supply, lubricating, dismantling and assembling machinery, cleaning mechanical parts. Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Skills: Skill in operating gas/diesel equipment as listed above; in making minor repairs to equipment. Knowledge of operation and maintenance of light construction equipment; of traffic laws and regulations pertaining to equipment used; of departmental policies and procedures; of limitations of equipment operated; and of safety rules and equipment. Ability to make minor repairs and adjustments to equipment used; to understand and follow oral and written instructions; to detect need for equipment repair; to maintain the physical stamina necessary to perform heavy manual labor; to work independently.
Education / Experience: High school diploma or general education degree (GED). Requires the use of simple arithmetic, simple drawings, power tools requiring adjustments and the keeping of simple records and over one year in highway construction or maintenance.
Licenses/Certificates: Valid Oklahoma Class B Commercial Drivers License
Salary Range: $1,833.60-$2,108.00 per month
Work Schedule: 6:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Thursday
Tulsa County Benefits: Benefit Summary

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