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 Irrigation (Plumbing) Specialist - LaFortune Park
Location: LaFortune Park - 5323 South Yale, Tulsa, OK
Openings: 1
Job Definition: Under general supervision, responsible for repair and maintenance of irrigation system.
Job Grade: C
Description: Operates, maintains, repairs, and installs complex irrigation systems. Repairs leaks and distribution lines, valves and risers. Repairs or replaces control lines and heads. Maintains and repairs master and satellite controllers. Operates and maintains pumping station. Observes sprinklers to ensure uniform distribution of water to all areas. Lubricates, adjusts and repair or replace parts as needed. Periodically inspects all irrigation systems to assure proper operation. Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Skills: Skill in using plumbing tools; in irrigation work; in analyzing and evaluating needs and requirements; and in cutting and fitting irrigation pipe. Knowledge of hydraulic and electrical irrigation systems; of maintenance, construction and repair of systems; and of pipe fitting. Ability to logically plan order of work; to estimate man hours and materials required for specific jobs; to meet deadlines on schedule; to adapt work schedule around needs of division; and to maintain the physical stamina necessary to perform heavy manual labor; and to read plans, sketches, and manufacturer's specifications.
Education / Experience: Education equivalent to graduation from a standard four year high school and one to three years trade school in plumbing or irrigation and one year satisfactory full time paid employment in irrigation or plumbing or equivalent combination of training and experience.
Licenses/Certificates: Valid Oklahoma Driver's License
Salary Range: $2,108.60 - $2,424.89 per month
Work Schedule: 6am - 2:30 pm, Monday thru Friday; rotating weekends
Tulsa County Benefits: Benefit Summary

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