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 Building Technician - Building Operations
Location: 500 S. Denver, Tulsa, OK
Openings: 1
Job Definition: Under general supervision, performs maintenance of designated county buildings with limited supervision.
Job Grade: 50
Description: Installs, maintains and repairs heating/air conditioning units. Adjusts manual controls to bring equipment into recommended operating range. Maintains records of each unit. Troubleshoots heating/air conditioning system when failure occurs, either in pneumatic or electrical components. Performs minor electrical repairs. Replaces light bulbs and ballasts. Performs minor plumbing repairs and replacements. Performs routine maintenance or repair of ice machine. Installs, maintains and repairs locks, doors and door closers. Troubleshoots electric door locks. Performs general building maintenance such as painting and repairing walls, patching roof, replacing ceiling tiles, repairing chairs and desks. Repairs and replaces windows. Maintains the exterior grounds such as spraying weed killer, watering plants, picking up trash, etc. Moves furniture and equipment as needed. Performs other duties as assigned.
Required Skills: Skill in replacement and repair of light bulbs and fixtures; in general building maintenance, in plumbing repair or replacement, in repair and maintenance of heating and air conditioning units, compressors, pumps and motors; and of repair and replacement of locks, doors and door closers. Knowledge of lighting fixtures, of heating and air conditioning operation; of electrical repair, of plumbing; and of general building maintenance. Ability to utilize tools, to understand and carry out verbal and written instructions, to operate pneumatic and manual controls, to read and record data from gages and meters; and to deal tactfully and courteously with others.
Education / Experience: Broad trade knowledge, equivalent to training in a formal apprentice program in building maintenance, plumbing and climate control; and over five years of satisfactory full time paid employment in building maintenance.
Licenses/Certificates: Valid Oklahoma Driver's License, EPA Certification
Salary Range: $2,454.00 - $2,625.78 per month
Work Schedule: 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday
Tulsa County Benefits: Benefit Summary

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