Tulsa County Clerk's Office

County Clerk
Michael Willis

Tulsa County Clerk
Ray Jordan Administration Building
500 South Denver
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-3832
County Clerk Switchboard:    918-596-5801

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm except government holidays. Documents are accepted for recording Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

The County Clerk is one of eight elected county officials in every county in Oklahoma and is responsible for a wide range of duties mandated by the laws of the State of Oklahoma. The County Clerk is the recorder and custodian of land records and other real estate documents in the county. In addition, the County Clerk serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for county government facilitating all financial reporting, accounts payable, payroll, business record keeping, retirement system and formal tax protests. The County Clerk serves as a member of the Tulsa County Budget Board and the Tulsa County Employee's Retirement System and supports many other boards and authorities as the recorder of minutes and business transactions.

Open Records On-line Request Form
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Real Estate Services Division
Director: Kathy Semler
The Real Estate Services Division is divided into two work groups: Recording and Land Records. These groups are responsible for processing and preserving documents to be placed as public record. Included in these records are deeds, mortgages, liens and subdivision plats. This division also files other miscellaneous records including military discharge papers.

Fee Schedule

1. Recording the first page of deeds, mortgages, or other recorded instruments  $13.00
  Additional pages of the same instrument, per page $2.00
2. Recording a plat of a block or less $15.00
3. Recording a plat of more than a block $30.00
4. Furnishing photographic copy of records, per page $1.00
5. Certifying a copy of our records $1.00
6. Release of MML No Fee
7. Judgment's, Release of Judgment $13.00
  Filing additional pages, per page $2.00
8. Execution / Renewal of Judgment $5.00
9. Filing a materialmen’s/mechanic’s lien $15.00
  Filing additional pages, per page $2.00
  Mailing a notice of materialmen’s/mechanic’s lien $13.75
10. Recording a Physician's liens, hospital liens, ambulance liens, personal liens $15.00
  Filing additional pages, per page $2.00
11. Recording a fictitious name certificate $10.00
12. Recording garnishments No Fee
13. Non-conforming documents $30.00
  Filing additional pages, per page $10.00
14. Copies of Plats (51 OS 24A.5)  
  11 x 17 (all pages inclusive) $5.00
  24 x 36 (priced per page) $5.00
15. Notary Fee $5.00

Accounting Division
Director: Toni Kizer
The Accounting Division directs the payment of invoices and oversees the purchase order process to ensure the conformity and accuracy pursuant to the State Purchasing Act and Tulsa County policy and procedure. The division also serves as a liaison between Tulsa County and vendors to ensure proper posting of payments. It routinely works with the Tulsa County Treasurer’s Office, the Financial Services Division and the Director of Payroll to accomplish fund and general ledger balancing and other complicated financial accounting operations. Our assistance is also given to Financial Services Division with fiscal year-end financial reports.

Financial Services Division
Director: Sherril Williams
The Financial Services Division oversees a variety of complex financial operations for Tulsa County. It prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Tulsa County, the financial reports for the Tulsa County Industrial Authority and the Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority, and the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards for Tulsa County. This division routinely works with outside auditors as needed. The staff perform complex financial and accounting operations utilizing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software called MUNIS. It maintains the software by keeping the chart of accounts current and reconciling the general ledger before performing the month-end and annual close. Manages the capital assets for Tulsa County within the ERP software.

Payroll Division
Director: Donna Titsworth
The Payroll Division is responsible for processing all monthly and bi-weekly payrolls for all elected official offices and departments in Tulsa County and related agencies. Staff routinely balances and reconciles payroll data reports taxes. In addition, staff administers wage deductions and verifies the reliability of pay data. The division also delivers payroll checks, maintains compliance with tax laws, records paperwork for new hires and edits existing employee files.

Administration and Support Division
Director: Traci Scullawl
The Administration and Support Division consists of five individuals who act as secretaries to the Board of County Commissioners; Budget Board; Tax Roll Correction; Excise and Equalization and Retirement Board. This division also assists with the tasks related to the operation of the office including, but not limited to, office policy and procedure, employment, and human resource issues.