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EARLY SETTLEMENT at Tulsa County is recruiting community volunteers to train to serve as Mediators to help others resolve court cases and disputes out of court. A volunteer Mediator candidate receives training from the Supreme Court of Oklahoma to serve as a neutral third party to facilitate parties toward resolution after identifying issues, options, and ideas. Mediation helps parties reach mutually agreeable solutions, prevents conflicts from escalating, and saves taxpayers as well as the court system significant time and money. The deadline to apply is February 24th. The 2.5 day Mediation Training is scheduled for March 14-15-16, 2017 from 8:30 am to 5 pm for the first two days and from 9 am to 12 noon on the third day. Candidates are taught effective mediation techniques and are mentored by experienced court mediators who assist them in learning this new skill. While training is offered at no expense to volunteers, a commitment of 1-2 hours of volunteerism a month is required. (Civil Mediation Training is a pre-requisite for those interested in later becoming Volunteer Family & Divorce Mediators with training to be offered at a future date in 2017.)
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Since 1982, Early Settlement has offered individuals the opportunity to voluntarily resolve disputes before getting involved in costly, and often lengthy, legal proceedings. In short, the Early Settlement program provides a confidential, but formal, out-of-court mediation service to help you settle your dispute. In over 75 percent of the cases handled by Early Settlement, both parties reach a lasting, mutually acceptable resolution.

EARLY SETTLEMENT is governed under the regulations and guidelines of the Oklahoma Dispute Resolution Act.

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