County Excise Board

The County Excise Board is comprised of the members of the County Board of Equalization. The County Clerk serves as the non-voting Secretary to the Board. The Excise Board oversees and reviews all county, school district, and city budgets to determine if they are legally and adequately funded with the revenues available. Specifically, the Board reviews and approves the County budget, fixes the annual tax levy and millage rates, and gives public notice that the budget and tax levies are open to public discussion.

By statute, the Excise Board is to meet at the County seat on or before the first Monday in July each year to organize and elect a chairman and vice-chairman for that fiscal year. In addition to meeting to approve the budget and tax rates, the Excise Board meets as required during the year to review and approve other mid-year budget-related actions, such as supplemental appropriations. Excise Board meetings are held in Room 119 of the Tulsa County Administration Building, 500 South Denver, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Meeting Title: April 17, 2019 Excise Board Agenda
Meeting Date: 4/17/2019 | 1:30 PM
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Meeting Title: 1-28-2019 Excise Board Agenda
Meeting Date: 1/28/2019 | 2:00 PM
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