Vision 2025 Renewal
Parks Quality of Life Projects  

Tulsa County Parks are some of the finest and largest parks in the region. People visit our four major parks (LaFortune, Chandler, O’Brien and Haikey Creek, and three golf courses) about 1.5 million times per year, and thus capital improvements are needed in order to meet an ever growing demand. The County’s ability to service our visitors is hinged on having the capital dollars necessary to maintain and create public spaces that promote healthy lifestyles.

Project Details+  

Tulsa County Commissioners have been discussing capital needs across Tulsa County, specifically as it relates to the renewal of the Vision 2025 capital improvement program. The list of projects outlined on this site have been discussed or requested by Tulsa County residents, County staff and/or the Tulsa County Commissioners. Only after further input from the public will a final decision be made as to what projects to include in a final package submitted to Tulsa County voters.