Tulsa County Administrative Services

Gary Fisher

Tulsa County Headquarters
218 W. 6th St., 2nd Floor
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127

Under leadership of the Board of County Commissioners, Tulsa County Administrative Services is an in-house provider of resources and services to a customer base of around 50 Tulsa County offices, and other Tulsa community agencies. The department’s guiding principle is to provide readily available support services to County offices and approved affiliated agencies, while helping curtail taxpayer costs.

Operating on an annual budget of $2.6 million, and with just 33 staff positions, Administrative Services returns approximately $700,000 yearly to the County’s General Fund, through earnings from billable clients.

As part of its regular operations, Administrative Services provides:

  • Daily pick-up and delivery of mail for all Courthouse, Administration Building and County Annex offices, and nearly all outlying County agencies.
  • Pre-press, graphic design, typesetting, word processing, laminating and similar services.
  • Printshop, quick-print and bindery operations - producing literally millions of forms, docu¬ments, reports, brochures and other publications
  • Microfilming and digital scanning of many thousands of public records and documents each year.
  • A centralized order-and-delivery system for office supplies.
  • Forms maintenance and delivery of over 2,000 types of stocked or print-on-request forms.
  • Centralized management of copier machines at approximately forty sites.
  • In-house photography and digital photo processing.
  • Assistance with policies and procedures writing and distribution.

Administrative Services is relied upon not only by the County’s eight elected officials and their staffs, but also by other public service providers. These include the District Attorney’s office, the Judges of the District Court, the Election Board, the Fairgrounds Trust Authority, the County Parks department, the River Parks Authority, and many others. .

Probably Administrative Services’ most noteworthy public accomplishment is production of the ballots used by every Tulsa County voter each Election Day. Ours is reportedly the only noncommercial printing operation chosen by the Oklahoma State Election Board for this vital assignment. Another of our most public contributions occurs in the production of many of the printed materials that help make the Tulsa State Fair an annual tradition enjoyed by tens of thousands of people. River Parks’ Oktoberfest materials, County Parks programs, juror hand¬books, and forms used at all levels of the justice system (from the Sheriff’s office to the D.A., Family Justice Center, Court Administration, and Public Defender’s office) are other areas in which the public may have immediate contact with the output of our support services. .

Our continuing goal is to work behind the scenes to help public officials and community agencies provide service with savings for Tulsa County citizens. .