Vic Regalado, Tulsa County Sheriff

The Sheriff is responsible for maintaining law and order within the borders of Tulsa County. The Sheriff  commands a full service agency that includes detention, court services and operations divisions; total employed by the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is well over 500 people.

In 1994, Sheriff Vic Regalado began his law enforcement career with the Tulsa Police Department as a Patrol Officer working in what was then called the Northside Division. He continued his twenty two year career with the Tulsa Police Department working a variety of assignments to include the Detectives Division and the Organized Gang Unit. Sheriff Regalado also served as a member of the Tulsa Police Department's S.W.A.T. team for nine years.

Sheriff Regalado shared his expertise as a Field Training Officer, Academy Instructor and a CLEET Certified Instructor. He provided training on topics such as Officer Involved Shooting Investigations, Interviews and Interrogations, Street Gangs and Subcultures. Sheriff Regalado also served on Officer Involved Shooting Review Boards.

During his tenure with the Tulsa Police Department, Sheriff Regalado was recognized with numerous letters of commendation and awards. He was honored by receiving the Tulsa Police Department's Life Saving Award and Medal of Valor. Sheriff Regalado was also the recipient of the 2010 Insurance Professionals of Tulsa Officer of the Year Award.

Sheriff Regalado retired from the Tulsa Police Department as a Sergeant and supervisor of the Tulsa Police Department's Organized Gang Unit.

In 2016, Sheriff Vic Regalado was elected as Sheriff of Tulsa County and sworn into office on April 11, 2016.