Jury Duty Information

Who Can Be a Juror?

According to Oklahoma law you may be called for jury service in Tulsa County if you are:

  • At least 18 Years old and,
  • A resident of Tulsa County.
  • Tulsa County Military Police
  • Tulsa County Capitol Patrol

If you believe you have a serious medical or some other SIGNIFICANT reason why you cannot serve, you must call the Jury Clerk at 918-596-5529. (Note: Stay at home parenting or self-employment typically are not sufficient reason to excuse jury service).
Persons who are 70 years of age or older or those who have served on a jury within the past 5 years also cannot be compelled to serve. If that is your situation you also must call the Jury Clerk at 918-596-5529 to claim your exemption.

Who Cannot Serve As a Juror?

  • Jailers or law enforcement officers, both state or federal, are eligible for civil trials only
  • Judges of any appellate or district court
  • Legislators during session or otherwise involved in state business
  • Licensed attorneys engaged in the practice of law
  • Persons convicted of any felony lose their right to vote until all terms of incarceration and/or supervision (probation or parole) are completed, at which time voting rights are automatically restored. Such persons will need to re-register to vote after sentence completion.
  • Sheriff or deputy sheriffs