County Fireworks Policy

For your safety, and the safety of those around you, It is the policy of Tulsa County that Fireworks not be allowed on County road right-of-ways.

  Fireworks Safety Tips
  • Small children should not handle fireworks; even sparklers can be harmful if mishandled.
  • Older children and young adults should be monitored by an adult when handling fireworks.
  • Always keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby.
  • Fireworks debris must be extinguished.
  • Fireworks debris must be disposed of properly, by placing inside trash bags.
  • Follow the directions on the packages closely.
  • Do not hold fireworks that have been ignited.
  • Try to light fireworks on gravel, concrete or a hard surface that will not ignite.
  • Keep fireworks away from dry grass, hay, trees and all structures.
  • Pay attention to dry, windy conditions and to burn bans - do not ignite fireworks during these times.