Steve Kunzweiler, Tulsa County District Attorney

Steve Kunzweiler, Tulsa County District Attorney  

Tulsa County District Attorney
Tulsa County Courthouse
500 South Denver Avenue Suite 900
Tulsa, OK 74103

As a 25-year career prosecutor and your District Attorney my number one priority is public safety, the prosecution of violent criminals and protection of our most vulnerable children and elderly citizens who often cannot protect themselves.  

While my job and that of my prosecution staff is to prosecute criminals, crime prevention is also a goal. I will focus particularly on early intervention with children to reduce child abuse and juvenile delinquency.  

I want our families to be protected and our communities to thrive Sometimes it will require my prosecutors to put on their battle armor and stand in the face of evil. Sometimes it will require my prosecutors to hold out their hand to lift up a person who was victimized. For the next four years our mission will be one of service. On every day, in every case I want my prosecutors to ask themselves a simple question: “How can I better serve my community?”  

I am honored to be your District Attorney and I pray for God’s grace to guide me on my path.

Stephen A. Kunzweiler
Tulsa County District Attorney  

About Steve Kunzweiler  

Kunzweiler developed the DA’s program to use therapy dogs to comfort child abuse victims and accompany them to court to testify; established a no tolerance protocol for drunk drivers who injure or kill others and serves on the Governor’s Impaired Driving Prevention Advisory Council and is a board member of the Victims Impact Panel.

He also implemented a policy in the DAs office of mandatory prison time for felons using firearms, is a member of the state Attorney General’s Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking and a strong defender of Victim’s Rights.

Kunzweiler graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa School of Law in 1988.