Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice

Female Programming

Opportunities for empowering girls and helping them to make healthy decisions about their bodies, relationships, pregnancy and prevention resulting in increased school attendance and improved academic performance; and increased healthy and prosocial behaviors, happens in Girl Power, an evidence-based program facilitated by the Coordinator of Female Programming.

The Coordinator presents the Girl Power Program weekly in TRAICE Jr. and Sr. High, Hale Jr. High, McLain Hr. High, Jenks 7th and 8th Grade Center, Clinton Jr. High, Memorial Jr. High, the Tulsa County Juvenile Detention Home, and the Laura Dester Children’s Shelter. Girl Power is also available at the Phoenix Rising School. Approximately 150 girls are served weekly by the Girl Power Program.

Girl Power is a strength based program which has as its focus the goal “to promote positive behavior, enhance social skills and improve academic performance in adolescent girls.” Strength-based practice is a social work practice theory that emphasizes self-determination and the strengths of our youth. It is a philosophy and a way of viewing youth as resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity.

The Coordinator of Female Programming, through Girl Power, works with several community partners including Youth Services of Tulsa, The Grief Center, Planned Parenthood, Campfire Girls and Boys Club, DVIS and the Tulsa County Health Department; serves on committees for the Tulsa Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition and the Child Trafficking Task Force. These partnerships with community resources enable youth to receive a variety of services and opportunities to succeed in achieving their life goals and become contributing members of our community.