Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice

Community Partners

Phoenix Rising’s founding motto “Whatever it takes” guides our work with outside agencies, companies, universities, and individuals. The various mediums of support from community partners, whether it is student and family resources, financial contributions, real world learning opportunities, or simply personal time, provide Phoenix Rising students and staff with the extra help needed to fill in the gaps towards student success. Underlying all of the support Phoenix Rising receives is the importance of meaningful relationships between our students and positive role models in the community.

The following is a list of Community Partners and Collaborators:

  • Tulsa Public Schools- Largest supporter providing teachers, counseling staff, facilities, and operating budget.
  • Big Picture Learning- Consultation and support of staff in implementing the Big Picture Learning model focusing on individual interests and learning and holistically preparing the child.
  • Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa- Provides various creative and artistic opportunities in the community.
  • Gable Gotwals Law Firm- Mock Trial team coaching, student mentoring, and strong supporter of Phoenix Rising students in the community.
  • Youth Services of Tulsa- Counseling services for students, emergency shelter assistance, health/relationship education, and reentry services.
  • Family and Children’s Services - Counseling services for students, health/relationship education, wraparound services.
  • Mental Health Association of Oklahoma- Counseling services, housing, and wraparound services.
  • LIFE (Lakeside Intensive Family Empowerment)- Family counseling and support services.
  • Garden Deva- Metal art, sculpture, and welding classes in real world learning settings.
  • Tulsa Glass Blowing Studio- Glass blowing classes and real world learning opportunities.
  • Tulsa Public Library- Literacy, information, and employment services.
  • Attic Conversations Yoga- Yoga classes, meditation, and trauma focused yoga opportunities.
  • Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma- Healthy eating and cooking classes, food bags to prepare healthy meals at home.
  • OSU Extension Nutrition Program- Nutrition classes for all students, healthy cooking demonstrations, and personal health evaluations.
  • Manic Pixie Studios- Art classes and painting opportunities.
  • Downtown Mural Design- Create and paint mural in Historic Greenwood District of Tulsa.
  • Iron Gate- Emergency food assistance for students and families.
  • Day Center for the Homeless- Housing services for families and older youth.
  • Department of Rehabilitative Services- Employment and job placement services for disabled students.
  • Tulsa Community College- Post secondary school options and scholarship support.
  • University of Tulsa- Clinical Psych. Department practicum site and overall school supporter via tutoring, clothing drives and consultation.
  • Lobeck-Taylor Family Advocacy Clinic (FAC) - FAC offers legal services and engages in law reform and systems change work on behalf of — and in collaboration with — underrepresented groups and individuals.
  • University of Oklahoma – School of Social Work practicum students, and OU faculty consultation.