Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice

Family Drug Court

The Tulsa County Family Drug Court program is a court­ supervised, comprehensive treatment program for parents who have had children removed and placed into DHS custody due to substance abuse issues.
This is a voluntary program that includes:

  • Family involvement
  • Supervision of the client(s).
  • Regular court appearances before a designated Family Drug Court Judge.
  • Referrals to a substance-abuse treatment program.
  • Mandatory and regular drug testing.
  • Adherence to the Court ordered treatment plan for the goal of reunification of the family.
  • Appropriate behavior at all times.
  • A four-phase system that allows individualized completion of the program.
  • Aftercare component to help the participant and their families to remain stable after the reunification process.

The Family Drug Court program
Is the combined effort of the Judge, the District Attorney's office, the Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice, the Department of Human Services, local substance-abuse treatment providers, counseling agencies and the people of Tulsa County.

A referral can be made at any time prior to 30 days after the dispositional hearing. The goal is to facilitate completion of the DHS mandated standards where the primary allegations are substance abuse for a successful permanency plan for the children.

Contact the FDC Coordinator, Catie Holzer at 918-851-2644 or 918-596-5966