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Pay Scale For Poll Workers

  • Inspector
  • $97.00 per day, plus mileage

  • Judge
  • $87.00 per day

  • Clerk
  • $87.00 per day

  • Provisional Voting Officer
  • $87.00 per day

  • Judge, Clerk and Provisional Voting Officer positions may be eligible for mileage only if the distance from their home to the precinct is 10 miles or more.

Tulsa County Election Board
555 North Denver Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74103
Phone;  918-596-5780
Absentee Fax;  918-596-4536
Regular Fax;  918-596-5775

Employment Application For Poll Workers

The Poll Worker Coordinator will contact you with additional information. Questions may be addressed by calling Kelly Fidler or Judy Hollingsworth, Tulsa County Election Board, 918-596-5762.