Tulsa County Building and Fleet Operations

Daniel Belding

500 S. Denver Suite B1
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

Our motto is "Strive for Continuous Improvement". Reduced funding and increased demand for services necessitate our adjusting to circumstances while stretching the limits of manpower, machinery and money. Our department receives and works over 3300 "Request for Service" per year, in addition to our own in-house work orders.

Carpenter / Paint Shop
The quality and craftsmanship displayed by our staff is a source of pride for the department. It continues to be a key part of our ability to maintain and adapt our facilities to the changing needs of our customers. Custom cabinet work, remodeling and quality painting have created untold savings for Tulsa County .

Custodial Department
Our custodial department puts forth maximum effort to insure customer satisfaction. We continually look to reduce costs by the proper utilization of products obtained at the lowest cost. .

Building Maintenance Department
The maintenance staff is primarily responsible for the following locations: County Courthouse, Ray Jordan Administration Building, Carol Crowson Annex Building, Apache Warehouse, Carpenter Shop, Central Garage Election Board, Faulkner Building, Family Justice Center, Parks Office and Social Services Complex. .

In addition, we are called on at times to assist at OSU Extension, LaFortune Park, District Parks, and District Garages. The age, condition and high amount of traffic of these buildings demand our utmost attention every day.

Fleet Operations
We believe it is a tribute to each of our mechanics when we report that 35% of our 459 vehicle fleet have passed the projected 80,000 mile replacement schedule, yet, are still in service every day. Our staff does a remarkable job of maintaining Tulsa County vehicles at the Central Garage. Our fleet logs more than 5.5 million miles annually, with the majority of those miles being driven by the Sheriff's fleet of patrol and transportation vehicles. .

Operations Section
Operations is responsible for the bookkeeping and accounting of the departmental budget, and payroll for the 82 regular and part-time employees. We maintain utility accounts and service contracts for various county facilities and locations on a monthly basis. We process an average 1500 purchase orders for Building and Fleet Operation annually. Additionally, we maintain parking control for over 648 parking permits in 10 different locations. Revenue collections from various reimbursements by the Courts, District Attorney, and other user departments exceeded over $750,000.00 for the year. .

Tulsa County Building and Fleet Operations continues to strive for improvement and excellence in every aspect of our role and service to Tulsa County.