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June 30, 2017

Golden Driller ride inaugurated in France


The French Golden Driller extreme ride was officially inaugurated late Friday. Commissioner Karen Keith presented a proclamation supporting the "Fraispertuis City Amusement Park" and the opportunity to promote tourism between Tulsa and the Voges region of France.

Michelle Place, the executive director of The Tulsa Historical Society and Museum, wrote panels describing the history of the Golden Driller and Tulsa. Those panels are part of the gateway to the ride. Former Mayor Kathy Taylor presented a key to the city on behalf of Mayor Bynum. Commissioner Keith also presented a limited edition Golden Driller poster on French Paper to Patrice Fleurent. GuRuStu created and donated the art.

The Fraispertuis City Amusement Park is open from April to September. The park’s Timber Drop roller coaster made the Guinness Book of World records for the steepest ride as it drops into a large replica Sequoia. The park’s themes include the Old West, Route 66 and now the Golden Driller representing the Oil Boom era.

The inaugural evening included the music of a French Country Western band, rides on the Golden Drillers as well as presentations by local and Tulsa dignitaries. A French Country band entertained the crowd of 600. The evening closed with fireworks.

Keith and Place rode the ride several times, giving it a big thumbs up!