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Proclamation of National 4-H Week and Oklahoma 4-H Month
4H Week 2009

The Board of County Commissioners proclaim Oct. 4th through 10th National 4-H Week and thr month of October as Oklahoma 4-H month. From left to right: Tracy Lane, Tulsa County 4-H Extension Educator; Karen Keith, County Commissioner; Wendi Holland, Tulsa County 4-H Youth President; Emilee Robbins, Tulsa County 4-H Youth Vice-president; Katy Crocker, Tulsa County 4-H Youth Secretary; Karen Klein, Tulsa County 4-H Youth Song/Recreation Leader; Patrick Zickefoose, Tulsa County 4-H Youth Parliamentarian; John Smaligo, County Commissioner; Fred Perry, County Commissioner; Chrissy Whitten, Tulsa County 4-H Extension Educator